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If you’re ready to pursue a career with purpose, receive excellent benefits, earn a dependable salary, and form meaningful relationships with students, parents, and colleagues alike, teaching is the career for you. Not only is teaching a rewarding career, it is also the #1 most-secure job in the nation! As a teacher, you have the unique ability to help make a difference in the world. Your future students are waiting, and you can be ready for them by August! Now is the to #GetReady.

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What Kind of Teacher Should I Be?

Choosing to teach is an exciting decision! You are in control of your future and get to decide what you want to teach. With over 50 different certification areas, we provide you with plenty of options! If you want to begin exploring, take our quiz to find out what age and subject you may be well-suited to teach!


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Texas Teachers is here to help your #GetReady to begin your new career! Our goal is to help pave your way to the classroom. Get started today, and you could be teaching in your very own classroom this August. 


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Meet Eric Hale:
2021 Texas Teacher
of the Year

Our teachers are recognized nationwide! Texas Teachers is proud to foster a diverse and passionate group of educators who inspire the next generation. We are honored to share that Eric Hale, a Texas Teachers of Tomorrow program alumnus, has made history as the first Black man to be awarded the title of Texas Teacher of the Year. Hale teaches us that anyone can achieve their dreams! If you’re ready to follow in Hale’s footsteps, the next Texas Teacher of the Year could be you!


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