Having worked in Texas since 2005, we hear a lot of people ask if they should be come a teacher in Texas.  We have an extensive list of reasons to become a teacher from experts around the country at our Teachers of Tomorrow blog.

But we love what the Texas Teacher of the Year Jeff Wheatcraft, who went through our program, has to say about his teaching practice. Jeff

“I have worked collaboratively with other teachers and the administration to craft a program that has enhanced the learning opportunities of our students while changing the school’s culture, especially regarding young women in STEM fields.”

‘The majority of lessons are real-world problems with no definitive solution. I want students to know that there are still problems we are facing that need to be solved, and they have the skills to find solutions.’

This is truly what it means to teach.  The passion and patience to create amazing kids.  If that is for you -it is time to teach.

Watch his interview and get inspired to teach!

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