July, 11 2018Blog Insights

Teacher Shortage in North Carolina

There will always be a need for great teachers. Despite the many logistical struggles potential educators face, teaching is a career that grants a sense of fulfillment that can’t be …

alternative certification

July, 10 2018Blog Insights

Teachers of Tomorrow Teacher Quality

People who don’t understand our program cannot understand how our program can create improved teacher quality.  Because we are not a teaching college, how can our teachers be good? But …

alternative teacher certification

June, 27 2018Blog Insights

Education Leaders – it’s conference season!

It is that time of year when I hit the road to meet with fellow education leaders to hear what is working, what is not working and how we can …

nevada teachers

June, 22 2018Blog Insights

New Clark County Superintendent Promises Staffed Classrooms

Clark County’s new superintendent of schools, Jesus Jara, has promised that all classrooms will be staffed by a qualified teacher next school year.  That is a lofty goal for a …

North Carolina Teachers of Tomorrow

June, 18 2018Blog Insights

North Carolina Lateral Entry Teachers

We have been working with leaders in North Carolina to establish our North Carolina Teachers of Tomorrow program as a lateral entry program. However, during our work, the legislature ended …

become a texas teacher

May, 29 2018Blog Insights

Teacher Mobility – are Teachers moving to Texas?

Yes. They are.  A recent article in the Sac Bee showed that California teachers are moving to Texas in large numbers. From 2003 to 2016 over 18,000 teachers moved out …

teacher shortage

April, 12 2018Blog Insights


South Carolina Department of education is out with a couple of great videos on why it is a great time to teach in South Carolina! And they are right! It …

Teacher Shortage

March, 12 2018Blog Insights

Physics Teachers Wanted

High school physics is the gateway to STEM careers. Nationally there are not enough physics teachers to ensure that every high school student has access to a quality physics teachers.  …

Teachers Wanted

March, 7 2018Blog Insights

Diverse Teachers

The Council of Chief State School Officers held a session on diverse teachers at the last convening and it was fascinating for to hear what is happening in some great …

Virginia Teachers

March, 5 2018Blog Insights

Richmond Mayor focused on Teacher Recruitment!

If you want to send the right message that education is truly a priority in your city then lead the charge for teacher recruitment.  That is exactly what Mayor Levar …

March, 1 2018Blog Insights

Why I Became a Teacher (Inspirational Quotes)

Harvard professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter suggests that the happiest among us are those who are solving the toughest problems and “making a difference” in people’s lives. If contributing to the …

Arizona teacher certification

February, 7 2018Blog Insights

Arizona Teaching Jobs

Are Arizona teaching jobs going unfilled? That is the question asked by the press in Arizona since the latest real data they could find was in 2003. It is one …

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