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STEM Teacher

Student Loans Affect Teacher Diversity

Not exactly earth shattering news – but the Center for American Progress has a new report that student loan debt adversely affects teacher diversity.  Diversity does help student achievement as …

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Texas Teacher Pay Raise Passes!

We still don’t know the full details yet – but we know it is there. The Texas legislature has passed pay raises for Texas Teachers.  Included in the bill is …

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online teacher training

Online Teacher Training

Just a few years ago, online teacher training was frowned upon. But as enrollment in traditional educator preparation programs continues to drop, online educator preparation is the only way we …

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alternative teacher certification

Where do you want to teach?

In 2005, when Texas Teachers started, we had no idea we would someday be in 8 different states! So where do you want to teach? Reciprocity for teachers is getting …

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Student achievement for Math from Teachers of Tomorrow

Student Achievement!

Everyone asks about student achievement when it comes to our teacher preparation program and we now have an answer. Apparently we had an answer for a while but didn’t know …

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Teacher Residencies – are they the answer

When teacher shortages hit, people push for teacher residencies as the best alternative teacher preparation. The programs pair a new teacher to work along side a veteran for the full year. The new teachers …

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How teachers teach

Our “Teachers Teach”

There are testimonials and then there are letters like the one below that we received today.  Our team has done amazing things to help our schools and districts get the …

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Teacher Success

Teacher Success

Our Texas Teachers programs continues to expand with incredible word of mouth. A certification program depends on teacher success to keep that word of mouth going and ensure that school …

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Texas Teachers

Texas Teachers!

Nothing makes our day like hearing from our successful teachers in the classroom.  Yesterday we got this email from one of our Texas Teachers who went through our teacher certification …

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