In 2005, when Texas Teachers started, we had no idea we would someday be in 8 different states! So where do you want to teach?

Reciprocity for teachers is getting easier, but if you have always wanted to teach in Nevada or Michigan or South Carolina, there has never been a better time to work with us to start your teaching career.

Our expert advisors help you navigate the teacher certification rules in any of the states where we are now approved.

Unlike other programs, we have a state director on the ground in each of these states to make sure we know what our school districts need and to make sure our teachers get hired! We have changed rules in many of these states to remove barriers to the classroom so great people don’t get discouraged and abandon their dream of becoming a teacher.

It is not easy to become an approved educator preparation program in 8 states in 2 years – but we did it. And we did it for one reason – to make sure that every student has a great teacher.

Are you ready to teach?