Schools just started in Texas and to be honest we are still scrambling to complete the paperwork at Texas Teachers of Tomorrow to get well over 7,000 teachers placed this year which has given us a hint that student populations are on the rise in Texas. It has been amazing – both from so many people interested in teaching and the number of districts who need our help.

Just today we got two new requests for our list of elementary teachers who are ready. That is one of the great things we do – free of charge – we supply lists of our potential teachers who are ready to go.  And school just started and we are getting new requests of lists.

The school district said it is because their student population is significantly higher then they thought! 

As Dr. Matt Ladner pointed out, the student population in many states is growing and the Census estimates that Texas will have 2.2 million new students by 2030.  That is a lot of students which means we need to keep finding a lot of great teachers!!

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