Teaching shapes the minds and futures of countless young individuals, guiding them toward success and inspiring them to become lifelong learners. Becoming a high school teacher in Arizona offers a unique opportunity for professional growth where you can advance into leadership or policymaker positions as you gain experience.

The average annual salary of a high school teacher in Arizona as of May 2022 is $59,490. The salary figures vary, however, with some teachers earning higher or lower depending on various factors such as level of education, certifications, additional skills, and the number of years spent in the profession.

In this guide, Teachers of Tomorrow explores the salary of a high school teacher in Arizona and the factors impacting the numbers. We’ll also shed light on alternative teacher certification programs.

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What Is a High School Teacher?

A high school teacher is an educator who teaches various subjects to high school students. They help shape students’ academic and personal development during their teenage years – between 14 and 18.

As a high school teacher, you must have strong communication skills to explain complex concepts clearly to students with diverse learning needs. Dealing with teenagers can be challenging; therefore, you must possess strong classroom management skills to ensure an optimal learning experience for all students.

You should also exhibit empathy, consider that students may have different backgrounds and interests, and support their individual needs.

Your daily duties as a high school teacher may vary depending on the school or district but commonly include the following:

  • Delivering lessons to students and guiding them in understanding the subject matter. 
  • Leading practical demonstrations and experiments in subjects such as science or art.
  • Evaluating and grading students’ understanding and progress through assignments, quizzes, tests, and projects. 
  • Acting as a mentor by providing academic and personal guidance to students. For example, assisting with course selection, offering advice on career paths, and helping students navigate personal challenges.
  • Maintaining discipline and order in the classroom to promote a productive learning environment.
  • Communicating with parents regarding student progress, behavior, and any concerns.

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How Much Does a High School Teacher Make In Arizona?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of May 2022, here are the salary ranges for high school teachers in Arizona:

  • Highest – $82,340
  • Average – $59,490
  • Lowest – $39,930

Reasons why salaries vary across different educators include:

  • School districts: School districts set salary scales for educators depending on resources and geographical location, e.g., teachers in big cities like Phoenix may earn higher than their counterparts in rural regions.
  • Certification: Teachers with more than the required certifications earn higher salaries. For example, a teacher with American Sign Language (ASL) certification will receive better compensation.
  • Level of education: Educators with a Master’s degree receive higher compensation than those with a bachelor’s degree.
  • Years of experience: As teachers gain more experience, their salaries are increased gradually each year. After a couple of years, the salary difference becomes significant.

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Different Salaries for High School Teachers in Arizona by Percentile (USD)

How to Become a High School Teacher In Arizona

To become a high school teacher (link to future article: How To Become a High School Teacher in Arizona or How To Become a Teacher in Arizona) in Arizona, you must follow these steps:

  1. Obtain a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution: We recommend you choose a major or a combination of subjects that align with the subjects you intend to teach in high school.
  2. Pursue a teacher education program that leads to certification: Ensure that the program is approved by the Arizona Department of Education (ADE).
  3. Fulfill the requirements of the teacher education program: This includes coursework in education, subject-specific content, and practical teaching experiences.
  4. Take and pass the necessary exams mandated by the ADE: This includes the Arizona Educator Proficiency Assessments (AEPA), which assesses subject and professional knowledge related to teaching.
  5. Apply for a teaching certificate through the ADE: This involves submitting your official transcripts and all required documents. 
  6. Pass a criminal background check: Obtain fingerprint clearance by completing the required background checks. This is a standard procedure required of all educators in Arizona.

The ADE will review your application, and if approved, you’ll be issued a Provisional Teaching Certificate. This certificate allows you to begin teaching in Arizona high schools. You can look for available teaching positions on job sites, on the websites of Arizona school districts, or through networking. 

The Provisional Teaching Certificate is valid for three years and can be renewed. However, you’ll be required to meet professional development requirements for it to be renewed.

Alternative Certification for High School Teachers in Arizona

Alternative certification pathways provide opportunities for aspiring teachers who may not have a bachelor’s degree in education to achieve their dreams.

To become a licensed high school teacher in Arizona through alternative certification, you must meet the minimum qualifications set by the ADE. These include holding a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution and passing the subject knowledge exam for the subjects you wish to teach.

Once you’ve chosen an approved alternative certification program in Arizona, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  1. Enroll and complete the program requirements—coursework and teaching experience.
  2. Apply for an Alternative Certificate through the ADE.
  3. Obtain fingerprint clearance by completing the required background checks.
  4. Once approved, you will receive a Provisional Teaching Certificate, valid for three years. It’s renewable once you meet all the professional development requirements.
  5. After completing two years of successful teaching, you can apply for a Standard Teaching Certificate, which is renewable every six years.

The Highest and Lowest Paying High School Jobs in Arizona

High school teachers in Arizona can teach in various settings:

  • Charter schools: These are publicly funded institutions that operate independently from traditional public schools. They often have specific educational focuses, such as STEM, arts, or college preparation.
  • Private schools: High school teachers in private schools have more flexibility in curriculum design and teaching methods. Private schools cater to specific student populations or follow specific philosophies or religious affiliations.
  • Vocational centers: These institutions provide a different educational approach to support students struggling in traditional school environments. High school teachers teach specific subjects in vocational centers.
  • Online schools: Online or virtual schools offer flexibility and remote learning options. High school teachers can teach in virtual classrooms and interact with students through online learning platforms. They’re a suitable option for those who prefer remote working arrangements.

Keep in mind that salary structures, working conditions, and requirements differ across these high school teaching jobs.

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Different Average Salary Ranges for High School Teachers in Arizona (USD)

At Teachers of Tomorrow, we can’t wait to join your journey in becoming one of the best high school teachers in Arizona. What are you waiting for? Inspire a student!

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