Teacher Shortage

decline in teachers

The Plunge in Ed School Enrollments

The Wall Street Journal gets into reporting on Teacher Shortages due to a decrease in educator preparation enrollment but calls it “lowering the bar” when it is actually improving the …

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Florida Teacher Pipeline

Great presentation at the Florida State Board of Education on the teacher pipeline.  Like all states, they are seeing a teaching shortage even though they do have some very solid …

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Understanding Teacher Shortages

Three new papers out from the Learning Policy Institute on teacher shortages.  Nothing really new – but some solid hard data on what is happening. During the 2015-16 school year, …

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Teachers Wanted

Schools Still Hiring Teachers

It’s the start of the school year for students everywhere but schools still have vacant positions and are still hiring teachers.  Let’s take a quick trip around the country where …

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Education Majors Data

Is the Ed Degree Obsolete?

Everywhere I go I am asked why people are no longer going into teaching. The statistics are indeed stark – a 42% drop in two years in Ohio, a 70% …

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Teacher Hiring Coming Up Short

Teacher hiring around the country is coming up very short this year.  Just today we hear about the following teacher shortages from around the nation: South Dakota -in spite of …

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Teacher Residencies – are they the answer

When teacher shortages hit, people push for teacher residencies as the best alternative teacher preparation. The programs pair a new teacher to work along side a veteran for the full year. The new teachers …

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