ELL students

October, 31 2018Blog Insights

ELL Students on the Rise

The number of ELL students (English Language Learners) in the United States continues to climb.  According to National Center for Education Statistics, the number has risen from 3.8 million students …

online teacher training

October, 22 2018Blog Insights

Online Teacher Training

Just a few years ago, online teacher training was frowned upon. But as enrollment in traditional educator preparation programs continues to drop, online educator preparation is the only way we …


October, 8 2018Blog Insights

Teacher Employment Gap – over 389,000

The Economic Policy Institute is out with their normal jobs report for the week but included a section on the “teacher employment gap” showing a 389,00 job shortfall in public …

Florida teaching jobs

September, 19 2018Blog Insights

Florida Teacher Testing – too many teachers forced out

The Florida teacher shortage is getting worse and teacher testing and the teaching licensing rules are making it much worse than it should be. I worked a little with RedfinED …

hurricane florence

September, 18 2018Blog Insights

Helping Teachers Affected by Hurricane Florence

Donors Choose has a site set up ready to help those teachers affected by Hurricane Florence. So much help poured into Texas – we know many will want to return …

michigan teachers

September, 6 2018Blog Insights

Detroit – is it the best for Teaching jobs?

You can always tell when a teaching shortage hits critical levels – cities like Detroit start to go really heavy on teacher recruiting incentives.  Teach 313 is the newest initiative …


August, 30 2018Blog Insights

Teacher Pay

Of all the 2018 education issues, Teacher Pay has to be one of the hottest of the year. We experienced this first-hand in Arizona where we just got accepted as …

teacher shortage

August, 30 2018Blog Insights

Teacher Shortage 2018: It Gets Worse

Teacher shortage is getting worse, and it is easy to see why. In 1975, 22% of all students in college were majoring in Education. By 2015, it was down to …

Teachers Wanted

August, 27 2018Blog Insights

Special Education Teacher Shortage – from critical to desperate

I had an article sent to me from Politico about the Special Education teacher shortage – calling it desperate and that it would force changes in the system. It highlighted …


August, 20 2018Blog Insights

Teachers using Airbnb and Uber to supplement income

We are seeing a lot of new outlets pick up the Airbnb survey stating that 10% of their hosts work in education.  Now statistically this is not too surprising since …

alternative certification

August, 14 2018Blog Insights

Do Paraeducators make great teachers?

Yes. We have seen this before with many of our Texas Teachers candidates who start as paraeducators or substitute teachers – because they know the school, know the students and …

teacher shortage

August, 6 2018Blog Insights

South Carolina Teacher Shortage is Critical

The South Carolina Teacher shortage is critical and getting worse. The State newspaper reports that school districts are struggling to find the talent they need. Some have resorted to bringing …

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