So the Teachers of Tomorrow team moved into Phase II of our CAEP accreditation process. CAEP is the Council for Accreditation of Educator Preparation and it is a pretty big deal.  Not an easy thing for an educator preparation program to accomplish and we are just beginning the process.

We completed Phase I of CAEP which is essentially our initial application and understanding of the process. Phase II is really the true preparation to ensure our educator preparation program has the elements required by CAEP. We have to do a thorough analysis of what we have, what we do and what we measure in our teachers.  Our goal is to get this complete over the next few months and then move to Phase III.

CAEP created the process so that it wouldn’t just be a documentation drill – it is really intended to help you dig deep into your program and make it even better as you go through the process.  We really do like that about the program – it is intended to help you discover what is good and what needs to be improved so at the end of the day you are better than when you started.

And so we embark on this process of discovery to make Teachers of Tomorrow even better!