You can always tell when a teaching shortage hits critical levels – cities like Detroit start to go really heavy on teacher recruiting incentives.  Teach 313 is the newest initiative to take on teacher recruitment and provide incentives to teach in Detroit.

They have launched a website and social media push to let potential teachers know about incentives that local philanthropies are providing to teachers who want to move to Detroit and make sure every child has a great teacher.

Incentives include incentives provided by executives from General Motors and Quicken Loans:

  • A discount on a new GM vehicle, which Detroit teachers can add to any other discount. They’re also eligible for a free two-year subscription to GM’s OnStar, a service that can connect cars to a call center in an emergency.
  • A discount of $1,500 on a home loan or home refinancing from Quicken Loans.

Add those to the 50 percent discount Detroit teachers get on homes auctioned off by the city landbank.

There is more to come – and if you want to get started and be ready to teach ASAP – you can start at Michigan Teachers of Tomorrow

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