Michigan Senate Bill 727 to eliminate the requirement for the SAT as a Basic Skills test has passed the initial floor vote in the Senate. It is called first and second read and the bill passed with no amendments!

That is great news for potential new teachers in Michigan. We have so many great candidates ready to teach who are standing by hoping they don’t have to go sit in a high school gym and take the SAT in March.

It is moving fast enough that you might not have to take the SAT as your basic skills test.  I would risk paying the late registration fee of $29 to register on February 28th – by then we should know if SB727 has passed.

Third and final read in the Senate is on January 30, 2018. Then on to the House Education Committee – we will send out information on how to send support emails to the committee once we know the date of our hearing.  Thanks all for the support to help Michigan Teachers ensure every child has a great teacher.