It’s Pi Day! I love Pi day.  It is truly an American day filled with technology, irony, sarcasm and math! And we top it all off with a great dessert.  What’s not to like?

But it also gives us a chance to highlight the most critical teacher shortages in the country – math and science teachers.  We are facing an extreme shortage of math and science teachers. According to the learning policy institute:

“States across the country are currently experiencing subject area teacher shortages. In the 2015–16
school year, 48 states and the District of Columbia reported shortages in special education; 42
states plus DC did so in mathematics; and 40 states and DC reported teacher shortages in science.”

Do all kids know it’s Pi day – can they figure out the joke? Doubtful. We don’t have enough math and science teachers that all students can figure that out. We have long term subs teaching algebra and geometry who are learning the content with their students.  This is not good.

But there are so many career changers out there who do know math and science and who have a passion for the subject that they can bring to the classroom.  We need you and we need you to teach this fall.  Please.

So, this Pi Day, if you want to teach math or science we have just one question: