The Texas Education Agency announced new grant opportunities to help school districts recruit the teachers they need to ensure every student has a great teacher. This is under the 2020-2022 Grow Your Own Grant Program.

This is a great opportunity for school districts to get the funding to create a Grow Your Own Teacher program.  This is in two parts – you can use it for helping more high school students become teachers or to help your paraprofessionals become teachers.

We work all across the country with schools that want to find more local teachers. By helping paraprofessionals become teachers, you get someone who lives in the area and is invested in the community, someone who knows the school and knows the students. They are great people to become teachers – we just have to get them prepared to teach.

The grant program allows for reimbursing paraprofessionals for their fees in becoming a teacher and Texas Teaches is ready to help. We will help our district partners create a great application and make sure we will offer a discount so that districts can creating a winning application for the grant money!

We love our paraprofessionals and want as many as possible to become teachers!  Thank you TEA for making these funds available.