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It’s no secret 2022 was a challenging year in the education field. Teacher shortages dominated headlines across the country, forcing school districts to do more with less. 

It was more important than ever to train and prepare candidates interested in making a difference in the lives of students to become teachers. That’s where Teachers of Tomorrow (TOT) stepped in to do our part to train and certify teachers to help fill the void being felt across the country. 

This past year at TOT we attracted, supported, and produced thousands of outstanding educators across the nation. And our teachers made a significant impact on the lives of their students. 

In 2022 we set out to have a major impact on our country’s education system and with your help we did just that! Let’s reflect on 2022’s incredible milestones.  

TOT had 13,784 candidates enrolled in our certification program in 2022, 6,413 of which were teaching while completing the program. And before the year was over, we had 5,106 teachers fully complete the program.  

We played a major role in helping candidates realize their dreams of having their own classrooms and helping teachers thrive in the rewarding career of education. Taylor Quote

“This program has been life-changing for me and has given me my dream job,” said TOT alumna Taylor Johnston.

Our teachers benefit from having our support from beginning to end. Our Field Supervisors logged 30,229 candidate observations to help encourage and guide our teachers to succeed in the classroom. It shows our commitment to developing the best educators possible.  

“I love that Teachers of Tomorrow provides a mentor for you throughout your first year of teaching so once you get in the classroom you are able to contact this mentor anytime to ask them questions,” said TOT alumna Amber Santori. 

There was a total of 974,526 certification courses assigned to our teachers in 2022. And, on average 1,043 certification courses were completed daily. On top of that, 246,540 hours of online and in-person field-based experiences were completed to prepare them for the classroom.  

Blog StatsThe Learning Liaisons, TOT’s premium test prep provider, gave our teachers confidence when they sat down to take their certification exams, resulting in 15,290 Certification Exams passed by our candidates.  

“After going through the strategy course, I was calm and more confident going into the exam,” said TLL customer Nicole Elise Goco. “The Learning Liaisons taught me great strategies that helped me pass my content exam.” 

Our teachers didn’t just make it into their classrooms, they excelled in teaching their students. More than 92 TOT alumni were recognized with teaching awards, including the 2022 TASA Texas Teacher of the Year, Ramon Benavides! 

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In 2022 there were $2.1 Million in scholarships awarded to 359 Educators from TOT and District Partners

We also supported our candidates by providing 20 new teacher scholarships to cover the full tuition of the program.  

We would like to thank our teachers and interns for a wonderful year. Without you, this would not be possible. Thank you for choosing work that’s worth it. Thank you for choosing teaching.  


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