I was proud to serve for 7 years in the Navy back in the early ’80’s when people did not appreciate service as much as they do now. It is great to see so many honor our those who served on Veterans Day and thank them for their service. All around the country people are taking time to thank them for their service.

Since I work in education, it is fascinating to me that many of our Veterans choose to serve this country again – this time in the classroom.  Many have done their initial tour of service or have retired after over 20 years and still have so much to give back to our schools. They can truly inspire our students to go much further than they might without such a teacher.

Great programs like Troops To Teachers helped many of our military’s finest make the transition from the military to the classroom.  But it is not an easy transition and many of our military struggle to make it happen.  They cannot just pause their military service and go into a college of education – or stop working after they get out of the military and go through a program.

Alternative teacher certification is really the only way to get more of our service members into teaching.

Veterans bring leadership, technical expertise, working in teams under great pressure and just stories from around the world can help bring the content to life for so many students.

So we thank our Veterans on this Veterans Day 2016 AND we thank those that will inspire our future military members who will continue to protect our great country.

If you are a Veteran or know a Veteran who wants to teach, we would be honored to help them get there.

Dave Saba,

United States Naval Academy, 1983, Navy Helicopter Pilot and Teachers of Tomorrow Chief Development Officer.

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