Amended General Knowledge Test Requirements GKT

As a Result of Senate Bill 7070, there have been amendments to the General Knowledge Test (GKT) Requirements effective May 9, 2019. This bill has removed the 1 year requirement for the GKT, which required teachers to pass all four parts during the first year of teaching on their Temporary Certificate or they would lose their job.

So what does this mean for you?

This means the following:

  • You now have the full 3 years on your Temporary Certificate to pass the General Knowledge Test.
  • This new rule applies to those who currently have a valid Temporary Certificate. At the district’s discretion, if you have not passed the GKT yet and hold a valid certificate you may continue to be employed by or hired by the school district.
  • Those with an expired Temporary Certificate will be able to reapply for a new Temporary Certificate even if they have not passed the GKT and completed the sit-out year.

You can read more about this amendment can be found here: .

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