Hiring Season is Happening Every Season

A common misconception when looking for teaching positions is that you can only apply during the summer before the new school year starts. This is simply not true! Though peak hiring season is during the summertime, teaching positions become available year-round in school districts all over Florida. Better yet, you can apply for open positions with organizations such as CSUSA who will PAY for you to get certified as a teacher by going through our online certification program. This is a HUGE benefit for teachers starting out who many times lack support and the resources to help them navigate the certification process. See below to see several school districts and charter organizations all over Florida still in need of YOU in their classroom.


School District/Charter Org. Subject Areas Link
CSUSA K-6, ESE, Math, Science, Social Studies, Art, Technology, ELA https://recruiting.ultipro.com/CHA1016CHASU/JobBoard/59cbbed4-9431-1a1b-7ab3-d7b22612a6da/?q=&o=postedDateDesc
Hillsborough County Art, Science, K-6, Math, PE, ESOL, Reading, Music, and more https://www.applitrack.com/sdhc/onlineapp/
Osceola County Math, Science, PE, K-6, Social Studies, French, ELA https://jobs.osceolaschools.net/
Lake County ELA, Reading, Business, Science, PreK-3 https://ats3.searchsoft.net/ats/job_board_frame?refresh=Y&COMPANY_ID=00016523&separate=Y&separate=Y&softsort=APPLICANT_TYPE_ID
St. Lucie County ELA, K-6, Science, PE, Math, Spanish https://www.stlucie.k12.fl.us/departments/human-resources/
Miami Dade K-6, Spanish, Math, Science, ELA, Social Science http://jobs.dadeschools.net/Recruitment/Openinginfo.asp


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