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Are you ready to #BeatTheChange?! As we approach a new year, Texas Teachers wants to ensure nothing derails your dream of becoming a teacher! Last year in 2021, an array of COVID-19 allowances were introduced to make the admission process faster, simpler and 100% online. In accordance with state guidelines, these COVID-19 admission allowances are being revoked as of January 1, 2022. If you begin the process in 2022, here are a few critical changes that you may be headed your way:

1. Higher GPA for Program Acceptance
2. Passing Exam Scores Prior to Admission*
3. In-Person Classroom Observations

Higher Required GPA

As 2022 approaches, admission into the Texas Teachers program is expected to become more difficult. To help teachers make it to the classroom faster, simpler and 100% online, COVID-19 admission allowances were introduced. 2021 was a year that challenged us to recreate the path to the classroom.

Currently, Texas Teachers’ candidates require a 2.5 GPA or higher for program admittance. With the start of the new year, a higher GPA requirement may render many candidates ineligible or required to take the PACT Content Exam.

Passing Exam Scores

Alternatively, candidates who do not meet the GPA requirement may opt for the PACT Path. Those with a GPA lower than 2.5 must pass the Pre-Admission Content Test (PACT) before enrolling in the Texas Teachers program. In 2022, gaining admission is expected to become more difficult, as the GPA requirement for those following the PACT Path will increase. Those who do not meet the GPA requirement will be required to take and pass the PACT Test for admission.

To learn more about what the PACT entails, please thoroughly review the outlined information from the TEA. All PACT exams must be paid for upfront by candidates before gaining program admission. Waiting until the new year could have devastating and costly consequences.

Classroom Observations

Texas Teachers will be implementing a critical rule change thus imposing the requirement to conduct in-person classroom observations prior to being granted admission and accepted to the program in 2021. This requirement was suspended in accordance with state-mandated safety practices. As we continue to follow safety protocols, this requirement will be implemented in the upcoming year. Our updated safety guidelines will allow for advisors to observe you in the classroom properly. These required observations have the opportunity of a longer enrollment process – delaying your chance to start teaching ASAP.

Beat the Change

It is imperative to note that these critical rule changes may go into effect in 2022, which means you have only a few weeks to beat the change! If you wish to pursue a career in teaching, now is the time to start. If you wait until 2022 to follow your dream, you may have to adhere to the new admission and program requirements. Don’t let these changes hinder your dream of becoming a teacher. Take advantage of these simple admission requirements and enroll before the end of the year.


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