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Eric Hale Makes History

With tremendous pride, we are elated to share that Eric Hale, a Texas Teachers of Tomorrow program alumnus, has made history as the first Black man to be awarded the title of Texas Teacher of the Year. Since completing our program, Hale has gone on to collect a myriad of distinguished titles and awards. He currently teaches first grade and kindergarten at David G. Burnet Elementary School in Dallas, Texas where he is recognized throughout his community and state for his innovative and unique style of teaching. His passion and ingenuity for teaching highlight why he was named 2021 Texas Teacher of the Year.

This revered award has recognized dedicated Texas teachers who have shown outstanding leadership and excellence in teaching since 1969. Texas Teachers of Tomorrow is exceptionally proud of Hale for his remarkable accomplishments. Helping incredible teachers, such as Hale, achieve their dreams is precisely what inspires us day after day. We are grateful to be considered part of Hale’s journey and are honored that he forms part of our Texas Teachers of Tomorrow family. Please join us in extending our warmest congratulations to Hale for his incredible, well-deserved achievement! 

Texas Teachers Helps Candidates Succeed

Although Hale has clearly risen to the top, he had to work tirelessly to get there, as his path was not without its obstacles. While completing the Texas Teachers of Tomorrow program, Hale began teaching. During his first year in the classroom, Hale’s very own principal expressed concerns, even stating that teaching wasn’t for him and to consider pursuing a different career. While momentarily disheartened by the audacity of such heavy remarks, Hale reflected that he chose this path to make a difference and was determined to do so.

Thankfully, he was quickly reassured by his Texas Teachers of Tomorrow Field Supervisor. Our Field Supervisors are expert, veteran teachers who are carefully selected to help our candidates succeed. Based on her 15+ years of experience, Hale’s Field Supervisor observed his classroom and saw budding greatness in his teaching style. She played a vital role in encouraging him to believe in himself and to continue pursuing his dreams, despite what anyone else said. Texas Teachers of Tomorrow strives to set our candidates up for success and it is no surprise that many candidates attribute part of their success in the classroom to the guidance, expertise, and encouragement offered by their Field Supervisor.

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Onwards and Upwards

Hale’s personal story in the classroom serves as a testament to Texas Teachers of Tomorrow’s dedication to supporting our candidates from start to finish, and even beyond. If you’ve been dreaming of becoming a teacher, but something has been holding you back, think of Hale and remember that anything is possible!


My first day in the classroom was one of the best days I ever had. I knew that I had found my true calling… To all those people out there that are looking to make a difference, that are thinking about going into education… You can do it!

-Eric Hale

Principal Sonia Loskot noted that Hale’s students “always outperform in academics, and the parents are always thankful. He tells the kids they are champions, and they really believe it.”

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Follow in Hale’s Footsteps

Hale’s incredible journey has only just begun. He was selected out of six finalists to represent Texas at the National Teacher of the Year program in the spring. The winner will be announced by the president in a Rose Garden Ceremony at the White House. Join us in wishing Hale the best of luck! Regardless of the outcome, we are confident that Hale’s students are some of the most fortunate in the country!

Looking back at Hale’s story is truly inspirational. Hale teaches us that anyone can achieve their dreams – the only thing you need to do – is start. If you’re ready to follow in Hale’s footsteps, the next Texas Teacher of the Year could be you!

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