Master of Education

As we welcome a new year, it’s time to make a change that will last. This year, 2021, we challenge you to forego the annual obligatory resolutions that often fade away by the third week in January. Instead, this is your year to make a real, lasting change. Take control of your future by taking control of your career and become a teacher this year!


The Best Career Move of 2021 Is To Teachnync1

As priorities shift, recent graduates, career changers, and retirees are looking for a new, rewarding career – one that is both fulfilling professionally and allows you to make a true difference in the world. While finding a career that encompasses both values may appear outwardly infeasible, the solution is actually possible, and quite simple: become a teacher. Aside from pursuing job satisfaction, teaching is the #1 most-secure job, making it the smartest career choice of 2021.

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Becoming A Teacher Is Simple


Texas Teachers has streamlined the process, championing for its candidates every step of the way. Our online teacher preparation program prepares you to become a teacher at your own pace. Our rolling program admission grants you the opportunity to get started when the time is right for you. Apply for free, enroll anytime, and become classroom-ready in a matter of months.


Change Your Carrer for the Final Time


When you’re ready to pursue a career with purpose, receive excellent benefits, earn a dependable salary, and form meaningful relationships with students, parents, and colleagues alike, it’s time to make your final career switch. 2021 is the year of your new career. Are you ready?